Growth 2019

Thank God!!!

“To know me, is to love me”

That portion of that Robert Erbert quote is what i base my life on, mostly because I firmly believe that. You see in this world of social media, actually taking the time to get to know someone has become a lost art. We get so caught up in what we see someone post on a daily basis that, we ourselves begin to create this narrative about someone else’s life before even speaking one word to the person themselves. It’s sad really. I myself have been on BOTH sides of the spectrum unfortunately. I know what it’s like to be judgmental of a person based on what they’ve posted now vs. what i’ve “seen” from them in the past. Keep in mind I probably haven’t spoken a word to this person in months maybe years. I also know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that judgement. I would post something so random and receive countless inboxes about my post(good and bad). There would even be people that would view my post, say nothing at all, but report whatever the post is to my then girlfriend because they thought it was in reference to her. I guess what goes around comes around huh? Lol.

I’ll start in 2003, the year i graduated from Walbrook Senior High School. I was working at a place called The Fudgery in downtown Baltimore. There i would sing, and well, make fudge 🤷🏾‍♂️. It was there where i believe life began to truly show itself to me. It was also there where i met some of the most amazing people i’ve ever known in my life. Most of whom remain in my life today and are nothing short of family, i mean blood couldn’t make us any closer. I was a 17/18 year old kid, making his own money, staying out of trouble, and i was decent with the ladies if i may say so myself. Still a kind hearted kid, full of energy, and finding out a had a nice voice. I also had MANY flaws and A LOT to learn about life. The Fudgery and all it’s annoyance taught me that and shaped me for what life had for me in the coming years. The long hours and short pay taught me patience, the endless hustle to break records for the company taught me how to hustle in my own right, the laughter and fun with my coworkers turned family taught me to appreciate life, and the traveling to open new stores for the company taught me that the world was bigger than just Baltimore.

What the Fudgery didn’t teach me was responsibility, Ooooh no sir, because truth be told we were ALL irresponsible so i’m still learning that one. You see i’ve always felt like because i work so hard, i should at some point be able to bare the fruits of my labor. What i never took into consideration is although i worked extremely hard, i still didn’t make enough money to cover the necessities AND enjoy myself. So too often i would willingly take a hit on the necessities just to enjoy myself for the night because i believed i deserved it and that it was good for my sanity. This trait of mine would carry one for years and years and would eventually ruin my life in the form of bad credit, back taxes, and eventually a failed relationship. I’ve learned that this trait right here has played a key part in a lot of the things i am now fixing today. Back taxes because i felt like Maryland has taken enough of my damn money for nothing, bad credit because i would get things in my name, realize i actually can’t afford it, but instead of just returning it like normal people, i would try to force the issue of being able to afford it by just simply working more but that never worked out. Finally, my relationship, to be fair, i did A LOT wrong in this relationship but i feel like this trait was one of the big ones. You see as i stated before, i wanted to enjoy life, NOW i wanted to enjoy life with her, which translated into more money being spent. I never had a problem with it because we would have good times, until those turn off notices and late rent notices came rolling in. Not to get too deep into it, i think you got the idea. Fast Forward some years and our relationship ends. I’m devastated but i understand that it was necessary. I sit in my living room and i just think to myself about how i’m going to get myself together. I SWEAR i thought i heard someone say “yeah nigga fix yo shit” from my bathroom so i went to Fridays for a couple hours 😂. Anyway, what i decided was the most simple yet hardest thing to do for me, and that was make better decisions with your money. Now that i didn’t have my love to lean on while i struggled, i was now forced into a position of “sink or swin” so to speak. I’ve always been a man of pride so i chose to swim. I now make better decisions financially my credit is now rising(again). I’m in a good place mentally and i know in a years time, God willing, the life i’m creating for myself will be on full display.

Christopher Columbus? NFL?

Ok so if you don’t know about the history behind this celebratory day named “Columbus Day” in a nutshell, Christopher Columbus is the man believed by some to have discovered America. Most believe (including myself) he was lost and stumbled across America where Native Americans already lived, took their land, food, and slaughtered and enslaved their people until finally reclaiming the land we know now as America.

so what does Columbus Day have to do with the NFL? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, EVERYTHING seemingly has something to do with the NFL. In this particular case fortunately it’s just a comparison. 

So now knowing the believe truth about Columbus Day where someone stumbled across something, wanted it for themselves, took it, reclaimed it, changed the narrative, and the rest is history. Well, that’s just disgusting right?  Now fast forward, In 2016 Colin Kaepernick former Superbowl contending NFL Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers began a peaceful protest to bring awareness to unarmed black civilians losing their lives at the hands of an over-ambitious police officer at an alarming rate.   Nothing new here, black athletes have a history of fighting for their people. While they still have to is sad in its own right.  Anyway, Kaep’s peaceful protest involved him ultimately kneeling (taking a knee) during the singing of the already controversial National Anthem. It went unnoticed initially until the media caught wind of it and asked him about it post-game in which he explained his reasoning for doing it and further explained why he would continue. Well again, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the amount of outrage it brought to some fans. “Kaep” was labeled controversial and was later informed by his team’s owner that after the season he would either be released or traded if he didn’t opt out of his contract. He decided to take a chance and opt out. Unfortunately, the rest of the league and season-ticket holders had other plans for Kaep. Colin Kaeprnick has since been blackballed from the NFL for his controversial actions during the anthem. 

Fast Forward.

Here’s where Columbus comes in. The NFL has since had players all across the league continuing Kaep’s message and pursuit of equality, the right for black people to live. This caught the Man currently holding the highest position in the Country’s attention. Went as far as calling Kaep and players like him “Son’s of Bitches”. Well the of course the NFL couldn’t have that so they needed to do something.

Ah ha!!! 

Let’s use this whole #TakeAKnee and use it to our advantage. Let’s adopt the controversial act and just do it BEFORE the anthem to show that man we are united against his comments. So not only did they take the action, they completely changed the narrative of the reasoning behind the knee and made it their own, spread it, and forced all players to buy in to the sentiment to spread their message. Sounds a lot like Christopher to me 🤷🏾‍♂️.

One Time For The City


In a city known for crime, drugs, broken families, crooked cops, and pretty much anything else negative in society, It’s easy to overlook anything remotely positive coming by way of Baltimore, MD. I mean how can anyone blame you when every time you turn on the news there’s a negative image painted ever so strategically to keep you interested because, lets face it, too much good news is boring right? who wants to hear about Graduation Rates, Community Outreach Programs, rising young talented high school kids being recruited by top collegiate scouts? Who wants to hear about local 7 on 7 football and flag football leagues keeping kids occupied and off the streets, that one girl that played so great she made the boys team. I’m being sarcastic of course, but these are exactly the kind of stories, especially from Baltimore, that are often overlooked. You hear about all of these child prodigies from other cities like Akron, Los Angeles, somewhere in Texas but, rarely do you hear Baltimore. Ironically enough Baltimore has been building legendary Talent for YEARS and continues to do so. Obviously Legends like Babe Ruth BabeRuth(one of the greatest baseball players in MLB history),

Harold Baines HaroldBaines  (Hall of fame MLB player),

Carmelo Anthony hoodiemelo (Syracuse Standout and Champion, Future NBA Hall of Famer , 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist, 1 time silver medalist, and 2 time bronze medalist) yes i know he was born in New York but he claims and credits Baltimore and Baltimore claims him.

and Michael Phelpsphelps (The most decorated Olympian to date with 23 Gold Medals and 28 total) are well known throughout the world but, before ESPN’s 30 for 30 special of “Baltimore Boys”  no one under the age of 30 knew Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues was born and raised in Baltimore, how he ran basketball/summer camps in druid hill park before moving to North Carolina. Tavon Austin (1st round NFL draft pick), Rudy Gay (1st round top 10 NBA draft pick), Steve “The Franchise” Francis (Maryland Terrapin Superstar and champion, 1st round #2 overall NBA draft pick) and Gervontae “Tank” Davis can tell you that,  Baltimore……..Produces……….Greatness……Period. The City definitely has opportunity for improvement but, one thing is for certain, the Love of sports has always unified this City and it always will. There’s something special about this City and the talent it produces. It would be amazing to see these kids get a little more recognition.

One time for the City.





Meet The Blogger!!!

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”

That Helen Hayes quote has been and will be my driving force behind this blog site. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination in Blogging, Writing, nor Sports but, HERE WE ARE. 

My name is Donald Williams Jr. Son of Donald Williams Sr.(Obviously) and Charda Burrell. Two of the most important people in the Universe to me but this entry isn’t about them……kind of. Back to me, I was born in Baltimore, MD in September of 1985. Moved around a few times with my Mom and my Older Brother but, one thing that has always been consistent in my house is the love of sports. In the periodic absences of my Father my Older brother Tony was pretty much the consistent Father figure in my life. I knew who my Dad was and he was there when he needed to be there. Anyway, Tony taught me how to play sports. I was never as good as he was but i held my own. I developed a love for sports. I started studying the games more, practicing, watching, reading, you name it. I shattered my ankle my sophomore year of High School playing a pick up game of basketball in a pair of Timberlands (worst decision ever). That kept me off my feet for about a year. I remember sitting in the Doctor’s ready to get my hard cast off and the Doctor saying to me………

“Donnie your sports days are over, if you mess up this ankle again we’re going to have to amputate” 

I didn’t know what amputate meant at the time so i looked to my Mother for clarity. Before she said anything the doctor said “we’re going to have to take your foot off”. See this was before all the advanced technology Professional/Collegiate athletes have today, so what he said was exactly what would happen if I didn’t listen….I’ve never been so bummed in my life. So, now knowing my playing days were over, all i could do was watch sports and talk about them. As i’ve gotten older i’ve learned there’s so much more going on in the sports world than the sport itself and i just want to share my view if you’ll have me. 

I want to give my unbiased yet realistic opinion on stories circulating the sports world. I consider myself a pretty fair guy, so these blogs will reflect me in them. You’ll probably see me use the term “flip side” in most entries. This will be to show the view from the other side or a different perspective other than my own. I guess i can say, looking at the entirety of the situation if you will. I don’t know what will come of this if anything but i know one thing. I’m Ready. 

                              Donald Williams

Welcome Home!

People often ask me, Donnie.. what is your passion? What do you love? Now originally, i didn’t know how to answer this. I liked/loved so many things i just didn’t know. So I sat down, by myself, in my recliner, and decided to evaluate my “likes”. Now most would say he’s going to go Music absolutely. NO! you couldn’t be more wrong. The answer is and will always be SPORTS! Say it with me…..SPORTS!. Not Basketball, not Baseball, not Football, Hockey, Tennis, Bowling, etc etc. ALL SPORTS!. I have that love for Sports that you can’t explain, you just have to show it. Everyday……. All Day. Music has been great to me but that’s not what I Love. It’s Sports. Can’t stress it enough…. Sports Sports Sports got it? Good.

With that being said, I will use this blog site to express my personal thoughts on “popular” and unpopular stories around the sports world. Yes that includes Colin Kaepernick……   also stories like Jemele Hill vs. President Trump/Twitter… and of course i will be using this blog to highlight those rising stars in the sports talk/journalism world. People like Morgan State University Alums Mykell Ramos and Sahai ArnoldMy plan is to do weekly entries every Tuesday and just express my thoughts.
Hope to see you all soon!